Increasing Popularity of Online Casinos in Canada Crypto-Use

According to the findings of a poll that was just completed by Skrill and made public, the extraordinary surge in popularity of digital currencies as a form of tender for use in online casinos in Canada and throughout the world continues to rise. According to the comments, at least 38 percent of the participants have indicated that they had either acquired or invested in some sort of digital currency.

In addition to those who are currently riding high on the cryptocurrency revolution, a further 84 percent of survey participants reported that they have heard of at least one brand of cryptocurrency, with 64 percent more claiming that they recognize Bitcoin as a kind of digital currency.


Unimaginable Path of Future Development

According to a statement that was made by Rossen Yordanov, Senior Vice President at Skrill and Neteller, which are both a part of the Paysafe group of digital payment solutions that are frequently available at online casino Canada, the adoption of cryptocurrency into the mainstream payment’s arena could not possibly have been foreseen or even imagined as recently as only two years ago. This is according to a comment that was made by Rossen Yordanov.


Yordanov noted that the use of cryptocurrency as a means of transaction is no longer a “niche” industry or trend, and he added that the study that Skrill just performed only serves to emphasize this fact even further by presenting actual survey-based proof. Yordanov further mentioned that the research that Skrill recently conducted only serves to emphasize this fact.


The findings of the research also make it abundantly evident that a significant amount of room exists, as well as a requirement for more education, with regard to the development of a more broad understanding regarding the possibilities of digital currencies for the making of payments and/or transfers.  Yordanov mentioned that Skrill is now exerting a great deal of effort toward the goal of making it simpler for consumers all over the world to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies by utilizing Skrill and Neteller as platforms.


Education The Crucial Aspect Of Adoption

In addition to Bitcoin, which is at the moment the digital currency that is known the most widely across the board, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Stellar, and Dash were also recognized, and this recognition came from approximately 10% of the respondents.


Tezos, Atom, OMG, Kyber Network, Ox, and Chainlink, among other cryptocurrencies, performed only significantly worse, with only 8% of respondents indicating that they were aware of their existence.


Despite this, Yordanov explained that the awareness and comprehension of digital currencies like as Bitcoin and Ethereum among players at online casinos in Canada looked to be somewhat variable. It is evident that this is the case given that the responses of 47% of those who participated in the study indicated that they just do not yet know enough about digital currencies to justify making an investment in them or using them. The fact that 38% of respondents considered investments in digital currencies to be “too risky” for complete mental ease lent credence to the idea that there is a pressing need for additional and improved education in this area.

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