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14 mistakes when choosing a university or how to enter the university created for you

“I never understood when I was told that school is the best period in a person’s life. They just weren’t at my school. But the university is completely different. You are independent, carefree and many other advantages. ”

All this is real when you choose a specialty that suits your heart and in the university that fully suits you.

So where to start and what to fear? Nowadays, a large number of universities offer numerous exciting programs. And everyone wants you to learn from them – it sounds tempting.

It is the oversupply of information that prevents us from knowing where to start. At the same time, the more information you will process before admission, the closer you will be to the right decision, starting from the true facts.

Let’s analyze in a logical order the errors that need to be avoided when choosing a university. We will begin by choosing a profile, because, in this case, it is too important to be mistaken.

Error 1. Profile item

Do you choose math, just because you can solve difficult algorithms in a short time or, in fact, do you really like this subject?

For example, do not choose “History”, only because of the high score in the certificate. But if you like to explore interesting historical facts, then this specialty is for you.

Or maybe you like Latin? Often, this subject is not taught in school, respectively, it is difficult to find out your own attitude to this language.

Ask yourself whether you are upset or grateful to the person who advised the book History of Great Britain, or one of Robert Harry’s books Cicero, or even the monthly magazine Young Scholars.

The university is not only fun leisure, but also interesting subjects that you study.

No matter how bad it may sound, but if you are not interested in scientific activities, it is better not to go to the university, firstly, you will save about 9,000 pounds sterling, and secondly, you will start looking for work 3 years earlier. If you, nevertheless, have decided to get a higher education abroad, then this choice should be conscious.

If you make a mistake in choosing the right direction, you will have to choose a course, which means that you need to start everything from scratch and money is thrown to the wind.

It is not immediately possible to understand what subject you would like to study most. In this case, you have the opportunity to choose several specialized items. Let’s imagine that you study a pair of specialized subjects at A level, but do not know which one impresses you most.

If you have an interest in all the subjects that you study, do not worry, many universities, except Cambridge, provide an opportunity for specialties related to the Natural Sciences to choose two or three profiles in the first year, and to further specialize in them.

And if you study the humanities, there you can choose combined subjects, as a rule, they are called “joint honors’, but if all the same, you decide to combine two subjects, make sure that this combination fully suits you.

If you catch yourself thinking that you are interested in how easy it is to change the course, it means that you are not completely sure of your choice. It’s like going to get married or marry, and already sign a marriage contract. You begin to doubt without making a choice.

Error 2. Metropolis or small city?

In fact, most people remember this time as the best after graduation, even if the choice was unsuccessful at first. But, in any case, it is necessary to carefully analyze which educational institution you like the most.

Undoubtedly, you can find many well-known and promising universities in the city, and if you prefer small cities, it will be comfortable in Bath, Coventry, Warwick, etc. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the road, the most convenient option is the university, which is located at student campus. There are many such institutions: Aberystwyth, Coventry, Essex and many others.

Do you like life in London?

London is a very popular city, there is a wide variety of universities here, due to the fact that it is a metropolis, students can get valuable experience in everyday life. Interesting events, such as Halloween, which in many universities are organized only for students, are often open to the public. But it is important to note that London is not from cheap cities, therefore it is necessary to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages when choosing an educational institution. Many students enjoy university life in London, but there are exceptions.

Mistake 3. Items at different universities are the same.

Suppose all the training programs are the same.

Suppose that you chose the profile of “Literature of England” and living in the campus on the basis of the university. It is unlikely that this will narrow the scope of your search, because, for example, at the University at Exeter University “The literature of England” differs from the same profile at Nottingham University. You can see this by analyzing the information from their sites. Once you have chosen the university and specialty that is best suited, once again carefully study and learn about the subjects offered in this course.

Error 4. Requirements of educational institutions

You must review the entry requirements for each university. Since, everywhere there are their well-established standards for the admission of students. Treat it realistically. Suppose you are unlikely to succeed in students’ lava if your grades do not match, for example, a French course at St Andrews University and so on.

Error 5. Backup option

A typical continuation of 4 errors. Make sure that at least at one university the requirements for admission are lower than those of your choice. And it is important that your first and most desirable choice is not revealed by a catastrophe university, but become the best experience in life.

Error 6. “Open days”

Applicants often attend “open day” at universities. Some spend a lot of time and money visiting a large number of educational institutions. But if you correctly analyze the information obtained about universities, you can easily draw conclusions in a short time, and this will help you to draw up a personal opinion and narrow down the range of options suitable for you.

Error 7. Hobbies

There is an opinion that after entering a university, students forget about their hobby. If you like playing sports, playing a musical instrument, or you want to try something new. You just need to check whether the university offers the possibility of such classes.

Error 8. Additional features

Make a list of questions for which you are interested in answers or you cannot find on the universities website. If possible, ask competent people when you visit the “open day”. Most universities offer additional programs that may suit you, for example, student exchange programs: often such programs are conducted through the ERASMUS program or organized by the university.

Mistake 9. Involving parents

There are already two sides of the same coin. You are nowhere without parents, but they can influence your choice.

We assume that you hate your family, and you want to get as far away from them as possible. None of these reasons should influence your choice.

Universities hold parental meetings during the Open Day. Sometimes you need to limit your parents to attend these events with you, you will have more chances to communicate with potential teachers and other applicants, and no one will embarrass you by asking inappropriate questions.

Error 10. Relationships

Relationships often end in the first weeks of study. So, don’t make the mistake of choosing a university just because your lover or beloved is studying there.

Error 11. Motivation Letter

Some parents are eager to help your child write a motivational letter; if they only learned English at a university, they regard it as a chance to show you superiority in knowing English. From the very first lines, the selection committee can determine whether you wrote the letter yourself or someone helped, so the work should be completely independent. You show your passion for the specialty that you chose and explain the reason for this choice.

Error 12. False Answers

When filling out the form for UCAS, answer all questions truthfully. I know students who have filled out false information about secondary education on the form and after that had to write an explanatory note to the university. Believe it is not a very pleasant situation. The main thing is not to write false answers, do not write what you, in fact, did not do. If you are invited for an interview, they may ask about it, so it is better not to start with a motivation letter from deception, because everything secret becomes clear.

Error 13. Grammar and Vocabulary

Everything is quite understandable, but it is worth reminding once again: convince yourself that there are no typos in the UCAS form, and especially in the motivational letter. In the printed version, there is more likelihood of missing the mistakes. Check the grammar and vocabulary so that there are no deviations from the literary language. The ideal content of the motivation letter is true and a sincere desire to study the subject you have chosen.

Error 14. Filing deadlines

Make sure the dates of filing the application form. A week before the start of registration, everything should be ready, it’s just like you set the alarm 10 minutes earlier before you need to wake up.

It remains only to wish you good luck in entering!


I am Arnett Harrington, an award winning writer, editor and ghostwriter. I have over fifteen years of experience writing articles, blog posts, academic papers and papers for government agencies, government contracting agencies, nonprofit leadership organizations, and private business owners. I have experience writing press releases and reportage content for government-related industries such as defense, technology, aerospace, business, banking, and other sectors.